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Why Did My Car Fail Emissions?

Every car in Maryland must be safe to drive and safe to the environment. An emissions test is required to receive a license plate to legally drive. Emissions tests are designed to better protect our health and the environment from damage. But, sometimes the car won’t pass emissions and you’ll need to find someone to provide maryland emissions repair before you can license and drive the car. Curious to learn why a car may fail emissions? Read below to find out the reasons you are most likely to fail an emissions test.

·    Improper Mixture: This is a very common cause of emission failures to many drivers. The cause is usually an injector that starts malfunctioning but can be caused by a bad oxygen sensor or other trouble. It’s best to let a professional see the trouble.

·    Spark Plug Failure:  When the spark plugs wear out, your car may not crank when you turn the ignition! This results in engine to misfire that only cause more emission problems to occur. Regular inspection will ensure that the spark plugs in your vehicle are acceptable.

·    Evaporative Emission Control Defects: Your vehicle uses what is called an evaporative emission control system. If this system, called an EVAP, is not working properly, it may be the culprit of emissions failure.

·    Filter Woes:  Every vehicle has an air filter inside that causes many problems to occur with the vehicle. But, the worst problem is failure during an emissions test. The air filter cleans out many important components in the car.

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·    Dashboard Light:  Every vehicle has dashboard lights that indicate when there is trouble. One of those is the check engine light. This light only comes on when there is some sort of trouble. It’s time schedule service with a mechanic before the emissions appointment if you see this light as some sort of problem lurks beneath the surface.

·    Leaking Gas Cap: Leaking gas caps are commonly and luckily, it’s an issue that’s fairly easy to repair.  It is a minor problem that can cause an emissions failure when it’s time to take your emissions test.