5 Reasons Why Human Life Has Become One with Science

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Science is the mother of all other subjects on earth. Without science, it is quite hard for us to define subjects like economics, mathematics, geography, medicine and even history. Apart from the theoretical knowledge that we gain, the practical life that we lead is also not possible without the influence of science. All of us know that science has a major impact on all our lives and here we are going to discuss some of the factors that help us determine how much science has gone one with our lives. We will list here the different facets of the world that cannot survive without science.

5 Reason Why Human Life Has Become One with Science


Medicine is one of the basic benefits of science. The moment we say science, we closely relate ourselves to nature though there is much more to science than the leaves, roots and animal kingdom. However, it is this basic instinct that made us explore nature and natural elements and helped us enjoy the benefits that it caters. Human race came with the idea of medicine and now needless to say we have different branches in medicine and all of it drawing us back to nature.


Technology is the brainchild of science, and if it were not for the technology, we wouldn’t have praised science and its growth the way we are doing it today. Technology is a by-product of science. Right from the very first invention that came to life that is the fire we have closely been associated with science and technology. Today the heights that we have reached with the help of technology is immeasurable. It would be right if we call technology omnipresent! We can even watch scientific virtual events from the comfort at our home and earn free CE/CME credits!


The first known profession of the earth and the one that can never fade away is agriculture. The first activity of man that helped him make better use of nature to help him feed the human race without disturbing and interrupting the eco-system. That is the reason as to why the field of agriculture receives a lot of attention. As far as agriculture and science are concerned, they aren’t two separate things as they are intertwined, and they are inseparable. Now, agriculture alongside technology is doing wonders in the food chain and in our consumption pattern.


Remember the way we began the content? Everything in the world is science as science is nothing but organised and systematic knowledge, and economics is not an exception to it. Right from changing the warfare patterns to changing the way we trade, it is not just economics but the financial sciences that lay beneath it. Economics can never wish away science, and without science, economics cannot exist independently.

Global Village:

With the growth of science and technology, the world has become a much smaller space to live. It is in fact as the scientific and technological developments that helped the world shrink, and that is why we call it the global village. Global trade, global communication, global access in the transportation of men and materials are all the benefits that science has given us.

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