How to Stay Safe on a Ladder

dock ladders

It’s not something most people think about until they are on the third or fourth rung of the ladder, but they often end up thinkingÂ… how the heck do I get down? Ladders are designed to get us going onto tall heights, and there are a few tips to keep yourself safe as you make the climb.

First, a ladder is nothing more than a triangle or an angle, so when you climb the ladder you need to always be leaning towards the ladder and not away. If you have your ladder braced against something, such as the roof of a house, for instance, you need to lean into the roof. This keeps your weight from shifting backward and causing the ladder to tilt away from the solid support.

Second, whether you are climbing dock ladders or a step ladder, always make sure to know your limits in terms of balance. Getting unbalanced on a ladder can lead to some major problems, most notably you falling. If you can’t reach your objective and feel unbalanced, it’s often easier to find someone to help you or hold the ladder for you without risking feeling unbalanced.

Finally, just take climbing the ladder as one step at a time. Whether you don’t like heights or love them, climbing a ladder is always up or down. Just go one rung at a time, and if you feel uncomfortable, stop and get your bearings. Make sure you are you balanced and confident, before moving on your ladder, and doing what you need to do.

Ladders aren’t dangerous, and they won’t hurt you, but you do need to be cautious every time you get you step on one. Being more cautious won’t just help you on a ladder, but also in the rest of your life.